06/24/2024 - switched the guestbook to atabook dot org. thank you if you signed the old one! your comments will still live on in my heart.

06/24/2024 - made cloud headers for the poems page, changed the layout of the blog page and wrote a new entry

03/18/2024 - moved random quote generator to header

02/06/2024 - URL change. we are now officially teomodo dot net. also, thanks for 100k views!

01/30/2024 - updated /writing with baby's first image map and cut shortstacks (got 'barrassed). added the birdhouse poem to /poems

12/12/2023 - came up with a better name for one of the songs on the music page

10/11/2023 - new site header

09/15/2023 - new blog post

07/18/2023 - added a print to /illos, added the /extra page, for extra NE art

07/10/2023 - added an addendum to my skinamarink review from yesterday

07/09/2023 - new song (/music), new blog post (it's a skinamarink review)

06/07/2023 - i found a funnier baby picture to use on the /webmaster page

05/24/2023 - new bloggie posty

05/23/2023 - added the /illos page. still have some drawings to throw on there

05/10/2023 - poems up on the /poems page! checkem outtt

05/10/2023 - finished-ish the /kare page

05/05/2023 - actually fixed the lightbox on the NE character page and collages. now responsive to different desktop sizes

05/05/2023 - fixed the lightbox on the NE character page

05/02/2023 - reorganized the site. moved show playlists to misc, replaced them with buttons section on webmaster (incl. link to custom button commissions thru ko-fi. tee hee.), replaced buttons section on index with a to-do list.

04/24/2023 - redid the /artdirectory page. some links will need updating in the future. also added pages for my collages and 3d blender experiments

04/18/2023 - new page, /poems

04/14/2023 - added a bunch of random pages: /miscellany, /place, /kare, /zeebo

04/11/2023 - added a textured background to the site; new blog post

04/10/2023 - rearranged the webmaster page

04/05/2023 - added some more buttons to the marquee on the webmaster page, now with hyperlinks to full-series youtube playlists where applicable (on cinema, duckman, downtown, beyond belief, mst3k). might give these their own section eventually. also switched the entries on the shortstacks page to reverse chronological order

04/04/2023 - added a music page

04/02/2023 - took down the yesterweb widget. goodnight sweet prince...

03/27/2023 - joined the melonland surf club webring and took the sidebar webring widgets off all but the homepage (looks nicer)

03/24/2023 - updated the blog section to include a section for some non-blog writing projects and uploaded more art to the embedded mastodon feed; new blog post; added a link to my redbubble on the art directory page (please buy something)

03/15/2023 - new probably tmi blog post. also, new song (it's in the blog post)

02/06/2023 - newww blog post

01/30/2023 - added an embedded mastodon feed to the index page so new art will show up here. feel like a chimp smashing rocks together trying to get this to work

12/22/2022 - added a character page for never everett

12/19/2022 - added an "about" page for never everett

12/18/2022 - added a webcomic banner and a selection of randomly generated quotes to the homepage for spice

11/10/2022 - added a marquee effect to the webmaster page. hehehe

11/01/2022 - added a lightbox effect to the shorties page

10/12/2022 - new blog post!

09/20/2022 - new comic navigation buttons

09/20/2022 - newww never everett page!

09/06/2022 - new never everett page!

08/31/2022 - never everett update!

08/30/2022 - new site button and updated links in the art directory

08/30/2022 - new blog post today! a little short, but it's got beanie babies in it

07/23/2022 - new blog post! should be up whenever the rss reader catches it

07/05/2022 - new never everett page!

07/04/2022 - added a favicon. chose an orca because i like orcas

07/02/2022 - 'logitech mouses' comic is finished and all three pages are up. running tally of baby photos up on my site: 5

07/01/2022 - added another site button

06/30/2022 - added pics for the outgoing links on the art directory and a silly little picture of me on the webmaster page

06/29/2022 - trying out some new graphics for the section headers. i dunno if i like them yet...

06/28/2022 - the first five pages of never everett are up! also, a page on your humble webmaster complete with a button wall. also, this very changelog is new.