in high school i used to write poetry on a yellow legal pad that already had some pages torn out when i inherited it. most of them were just ok, but all of them are still of extreme sentimental value to me. writing them also taught me that i can only ever write anything good when i write it on something disposable. to this day i only ever write on index cards or in my notes app or $1 college bound notebooks. i'll probably never but another "nice" notebook for myself.

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Stomping Grounds
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Ode from a Squid
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As If To Say
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Six Birdhouses
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Bay of Pigs
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Traveling Song
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i have a book of andre breton's collected essays, and in the introduction where they briefly mention the dadaist movement, the author quotes someone as having said that if you wanted to write a truly dadaist poem, you should cut up a paragraph out of a magazine, put all the separate words in a bag, and pull them out at random. so i've been doing that.

  1. fake searching explore almost feels too poetically on the nose, but i like "tide, sea you." i see you. "northeastern how green, sea recommends of jars its" reminds me of vermont and bar harbor, maine at the same time, plus it's got that delightful ungrammar with the "its" on the end.

  2. there's a cool flow to this one. it feels like its about capitalism. tranformed provenance on the diamonds, provenance as in a beginning, a raison d'être, production, especially. how else do you measure worth?

  3. this one is definitely about capitalism. like the nerd crew podcast toy-commercial-IP fandom star wars guys. glass difference?

  4. i like this one a lot. THE abraham lincoln. i think it could be interpreted in a few different ways, but i just really like the sound of it-- giveaway and throwaway in the same line, "allure" being made to sound like an adjective. this one feels like it's about a toy, too, like a plastic abraham lincoln doll, but more intimate, more about childhood and its fleeting nature.

  5. whims or wishes like sand, miniscule by the shore... searching for truth, the sea pointing you after your heyday, an excited friend bringing you in... woahz...

  6. to the glass dead. through a glass darkly? who are the glass dead? their beforetimes, their life, include treasure. can by the clear glass (the sea) so-- is of rise can tide. the tide can come over them. be of a bottles pieces of as is still. be still like a broken bottle. dead and still. like a peaceful ocean corpse.
  1. i experimented with a longer one here and it made me realize i like these poems better short. i think having fewer words gives more weight to each; this one to me just feels like a string of random words. some cool phrases to pick out, though: "nickname sound a a mix dad's aquarium" and "i limbs dogs"

  2. tough one. mcnamara the surfer. i like "don't we've," like "don't wave." the ocean calling this surfer guy back in to chase waves. mcnamara is the necessary decor. don't wave, don't say goodbye to those on the land. don't look back, like lot's wife.

  3. "borophaginae" is an extinct subfamily of the canid family. their name means "bone-crushing dogs." cool contrast to designer diets and jewelry. these subfamilies here are completely canid, after all. i like "this ever diffi-" being cut off with BONE CRUSHING DOG.

  4. alliteration! nominating the nutrient know, ever etching.

  5. my boyfriend picked up my word bag upside-down and spilled it all over himself, so this one is made of words i picked out of his chest hair (hehehe).

  6. was is bumps.

  7. anti-psychedelics PSA. get high on life and leave the acid-alienated version of the woods in the 60s.

  8. this one reminds me of vampire weekend. probably just because of the word "campus."

  9. borophaginae is back! this is a cool one. dwindled, shifting, borophaginae is extinct. i like that "record" is unclear, like, world record or fossil record?super-turies is a cool turn of phrase in this context, too. super-centuries? like, millenia?

  10. objective as a noun or an adjective? i get an image of the 20-person search and rescue team rolling out over a beautiful landscape, the only thing that's seen or "studied" this so-called body they're looking for, or what's left of it.

i'm including a comment box on this page because i'd like to hear if you guys have interpretations you wanna share :^]

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