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  • Blarthsday
  • blarthsday is funnest day of week. everyone can have fun happy time in celebrat blarthsday with friends and families and even a stranger.

  • Zapatopi

    learn about the republic of cascadia, the pacific northwest tree octopus, and the bureau of sasquatch affairs

  • HORG

    holotypic occlupanid research group

  • A Pickle for the Knowing Ones

    manifesto of notorious 1700s massachusetts weirdo timothy dexter

  • some of my favorite wikipedia articles:

    • The Hum

      The Hum is a name often given to widespread reports of a persistent and invasive low-frequency humming, rumbling, or droning noise audible to many but not all people.

    • Sundowning

      Sundowning, or sundown syndrome, is a neurological phenomenon associated with increased confusion and restlessness in people with delirium or some form of dementia. [...] The term "sundowning" was coined by nurse Lois K. Evans in 1987 due to the timing of the person's increased confusion beginning in the late afternoon and early evening.

    • Skyquake

      A skyquake is a phenomenon where a loud booming sound is reported to originate from the sky.

    • List of Unexplained Sounds

    • Burned house horizon

      In the archaeology of Neolithic Europe, the burned house horizon is the geographical extent of the phenomenon of presumably intentionally burned settlements.

    • Porphyrios (whale)

      Porphyrios was a large whale that harassed and sank ships in the waters near Constantinople in the sixth century.

    • Whale fall

      A whale fall occurs when the carcass of a whale has fallen onto the ocean floor at a depth greater than 1,000 m (3,300 ft), in the bathyal or abyssal zones.

    • Puppy pregnancy syndrome

      Puppy pregnancy syndrome (PPS) is a psychosomatic illness in humans brought on by mass hysteria. People suffering from PPS believe that shortly after being bitten by a dog, puppies are conceived within their abdomen.

    • Impossible color

      Impossible colors are colors that do not appear in ordinary visual functioning.


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